The following is a listing of possible forms that you might like to use in your homeschool. There are no REQUIRED methods of doing paperwork; therefore, some of these forms have various options available. You are encouraged to use the method that works best for your family needs. You are also encouraged to modify these forms as needed to meet your family needs. Unless otherwise noted, these forms are in Microsoft Word format using Tables for ease in customization. Please feel free to modify background and font colors to suit your preferences and printing capabilities. We have included a number of additional forms that may be useful in your homeschool. Please note that some of these forms are for your own purposes and are not required to be submitted to the school district. Please feel free to suggest other formats or forms that you find helpful in your homeschool.

        Basic affidavit
        Detailed affidavit

        Sample Objectives (elementary)
        Sample Objectives (secondary)

OPTIONAL MEDICAL FORMS (to be maintained by the family)--In the affidavit the parent attests to the fact that all immunizations have been done or that the family has the appropriate exemptions. The parent also attests that all required medical exams have been done or that they have the appropriate exemptions. Districts are required to keep such information on file for students enrolled in their schools. However, the Home Education Law states that "the affidavit is satisfactory evidence thereof." If the family, however, chooses to keep such documentation on file, it may be in the form of a letter signed by the appropriate physician stating that the examinations have been done or any of the following forms.
        Basic religious exemption letter
        Boy's growth chart (age 2-20) (PDF Format requires Acrobat Reader)
        Girl's growth chart (age 2-20) (PDF Format requires Acrobat Reader)
        The following forms are from the PA Department of Health website. If you have difficulty downloading these PDF documents, click here. Please note that these forms may take a long time to load.
        School (Homeschool) Health Record Form
        Private Physician Physical Exam Form
        Private Dental Exam Form

HOMESCHOOL LOGS – The Home Education Law does not specify what is to be included in the log except that it is to be “made contemporaneously with instruction, which designates by title the reading materials used”. However, a home education program is to be determined as appropriate based upon 1) the required subjects, 2) for the required time, and 3) progress has occurred. The option to use days or hours is left to the parent, not the school district. For the documentation of required subjects, we recommend use of a form similar to the one denoted by * which allows room for a list of texts, if any, that are used. For the documentation of time, families may use any of the forms below and/or a traditional teacher’s log book. However, please note that the method of determining the content of the log is not specified in the law and may be open to interpretation until determined by a court of law.
        Elementary School Log (based upon the subject listing from the Home Education Law for those tracking hours or days)
        Secondary School Log (based upon the subject listing from the Home Education Law for those tracking hours or days)
        Detailed Daily Assignment Sheet
        *Basic Subject and Book List
        Detailed Listing of Materials Used
        Time Log (for those keeping track of hours, not days)
        Daily Attendance Log (July to June)
        Daily Attendance Log (no months indicated)
        Daily Attendance Log (no dates listed)

        Books I’ve Read
        Log of Extracurricular Activities
        Field Trip Log
        Student ID

        Basic letter
        Letter to Request Alternative Evaluator

        Basic acknowledgment of receipt
        Confirmation of those viewing portfolio

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS – The only difference between college bound and non-college bound versions below is the inclusion of SAT or ACT test scores. We highly recommend the inclusion of a listing of honors, activities, employment, community service, etc. in a resume format so that the college can get an overall picture of the student. We also recommend saving your transcripts both in printed format and on a computer disk for storage in your safe deposit box. This way the high school transcripts will be available to your into perpetuity. If you are using a correspondence school and submitting documentation to them for grading, contact them to make sure they will be providing you with a transcript for you before taking the time to do one yourself. These transcripts are in Microsoft Word format so they can be easily modified and customized for your family needs.
        High School Transcript 1 (college bound version)
        High School Transcript 2 (non-college bound version)
        High School Transcript 3 (non-college bound version)
        High School Transcript 4 (college bound version)
        High School Transcript (Christendom College version)
        High School Transcript (Weixler version/Microsoft Excel Format)
        Transcript Pro Software from Education+Plus
For more information on completing transcripts and for calculating a student's Grade Point Average (G.P.A.), click here.

PHEAA form -- This form is from PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency). If signed by the local public school superintendent, it is the equivalent of a diploma for purposes of getting a state grant, home educating their own children, and any other purpose. Students do not need to be attending college in the future or qualify for a PHEAA grant to use this form. Students receiving diplomas from correspondence schools are encouraged to use this form as this is the only other documentation necessary for their education to be validated.

DISCLAIMER: Information contained on this website does not constitute legal advice and does not replace reading the actual homeschool law or consulting with the Pennsylvania Department of Education or appropriate legal counsel.

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