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About This Network

Networking Together

        The original function of this network was connecting families together. An effort, which began with five families in January of 1993, has developed into a growing network of hundreds Catholic families in Pennsylvania. Besides connecting families together in the same area, families who are homeschooling under unusual circumstances can be linked together. Please note that the name list is not shared, sold, bartered, or given out in any other manner for any purpose. Names of those subscribing/member families who have expressly given us consent to do so are the only names which are given to other local subscribing/member families when requested.

Statewide Newsletter

        The bi-monthly newsletter serves those Catholic families who are either discerning or actively homeschooling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is an excellent means of disseminating essential information across the state and from across the nation.

        This newsletter contains information of particular interest to Catholic home educators in Pennsylvania -- updates on federal and state legislation; what's happening in other dioceses across the country and within the state regarding home education; reviews of educational products and Catholic materials; helpful ideas; prayer requests including those of the Holy Father; and much more.

E-Alert System

        The statewide e-alert system is used only for any immediate prayer requests, legislative matters, Church or other critical issues which cannot wait until publication of the next newsletter. Updates are provided in the newsletter.

Catholic Homeschool Conference & Curriculum Fair

        An annual Catholic Homeschool Conference & Curriculum Fair each April in Harrisburg provides Catholic speakers and 60+ vendors including full-service Catholic curriculum companies, Catholic text and supplemental book publishers, Catholic colleges, a Catholic shop, Catholic computer software providers, and many others.

Statewide Baccalaureate Mass & Graduation Ceremony

        An annual Catholic Homeschool Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Exercises each June in Harrisburg provides Catholic 8th and 12th grade students and their families with an opportunity to celebrate their academic accomplishments.

HSLDA Discount

        Subscribing/members families in this network receive a group discount of 15% off the $115 membership fee from the Home School Legal Defense Association (P.O. Box 159, Paeonian Springs, VA 22129 or call 1-540-338-5600). The discounted fee is $95/family/year. Contact us for the group number before submitting membership/renewal to HSLDA to receive the discount.

        Families may also contact the attorney of their choice or other groups such as the Rutherford Institute P.O. Box 7482, Charlottesville, VA 22906-7482 if such help should ever be necessary.

Information Networking

        In addition to other sources (legislators, other homeschool organizations, other groups and organizations), this network makes available legislative alerts mostly by means of the bi-monthly newsletter, special mailings and the phone tree when necessary.

Joining the Statewide Network

To begin receiving the newsletter and to become a part of this network,
please send this subscription form and your check or money order for $18 to the address below.

Make checks payable to:

"Catholic Homeschoolers of PA"
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101 South College Street
Myerstown, PA 17067-1212

Fax: (717) 866-9383
E-mail: info@catholichomeschoolpa.org

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