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        Inclusion of the information on this site does not constitute endorsement of the guidelines included or any position as to the need for such guidelines. It also does not indicate any position/advice regarding how families in any particular diocese or parish should respond to such guidelines. Quotes from Canon Law have been included where appropriate so that the teachings of the Church may be available to those who otherwise may not have access to such information. Please note particularly those Canons listed below.

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Canon 226, 2--Because they have given life to their children, parents have a most serious obligation and enjoy the right to educate them; therefore Christian parents are especially to care for the Christian education of their children according to the teaching handed on by the Church.

Canon 774, 2--Parents above others are obliged to form their children in the faith and practice of the Christian life by word and example; godparents and those who take the place of parents are bound by an equivalent obligation.

Canon 793--1. Parents as well as those who take their place are obliged and enjoy the right to educate their offspring; Catholic parents also have the duty and the right to select those means [books] and institutions [environment] through which they can provide more suitably for the Catholic education of the children according to local circumstances.

Canon 843, 1--The sacred ministers can not refuse the sacraments to those who ask for them at appropriate times, are properly disposed and are not prohibited by law [i.e. excommunicated persons] from receiving them.

Canon 890--The faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament [Confirmation] at the appropriate time; their parents and shepherds of souls, especially pastors, are to see to it that the faithful are properly instructed to receive it and approach the sacrament at the appropriate time.

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